Sissy Humiliation

I will give you sissy humiliation!

I will give you sissy humiliation!

While I really love and respect transgirls that are serious about feminization, the sadist in me loves sissy humiliation too.  There is just something about taking the fact of someone’s sissy status and rubbing it in their faces that pleases me.  I have seen things in person and on cam that make me grin just thinking about them!

Sissy Humiliation and BDSM

Sissy humiliation is just another form of BDSM, and one that I thoroughly enjoy.  It’s just like being a pain slut, though the pain is mental.  It also has to have context to make it enjoyable for me. For example, I have tons of gay friends, and am an active supporter of LGBT rights.  I would never in a million years do anything to hurt the feelings of my friends.  But in the right context, I love telling someone what a cocksucking little faggot they are.  As with all things BDSM, it is the consensual nature that causes something that would otherwise be unacceptable to be a great deal of fun.

Types of Sissy Humiliation

Humiliation play is intensely personal.  What is a trigger for one person might be heart wrenching for another.  So a good understanding of where the play is going is important.  Once that basic foundation is in place, there are a vast array of ways to play that involve sissy humiliation.   They range from sissy puppy play to being a sissy money slave, with a world of fun packed in between those two.

Erotic Humiliation Addicts Know Themselves

Some people might recoil in horror, thinking that it is awful that I derive pleasure from telling some sissy that her only worth in life is to be a cum dumpster for bukkake parties.  What is important to understand is that fans of erotic humiliation know their own triggers.  They’ve lived them out in their mind time and time again.  They know exactly what words or acts take them to the edge, where they are shivering in anticipation of the explosive orgasm that is about to rock their core.

It’s just so much better when they get to share those fantasies with me.

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