Sissy Gynecologist Exam

sissy gynecologist examIt’s a right of passage for young ladies, and sissies are no exception; you must get a sissy gynecologist exam.  Luckily for you, I enjoy poking, prodding and exploring you, especially when you are in a vulnerable state.  That means that I most likely won’t be sending you out to an actual gynecologist.

Most Likely.  One can never safely discount that possibility.  But for today, let’s talk about the fun that I’ll be having while I examine you.

Preparing for Your Sissy Gynecologist Exam

Preparing for your trip to see me for a sissy gyno exam is really no different than the preparations that you should make any time you will be spending time with me. Your personal hygiene should be impeccable, and your mental state should be that in which my pleasure is your utmost concern.

What To Expect

Silly sissy. Did you really think that I was going to tell you *exactly* what to expect?  How is that fun for me? I prefer to keep you guessing.  However, I can tell you that sissies with a CFNM (or CFNSissy, in your case) fetish will be happy.  You’ll disrobe, and slide into a paper gown that will seem two sizes too small.  Eventually, that will be removed.  To get in the spirit of things, I might don a latex nurses uniform, or a crisp, short white lab coat with very high heels.

Once my office door closes, every inch of you will be inspected.  The aforementioned sissy gynecologist exam will be conducted.  A wide variety of other tests and procedures may be ordered as well, depending on my mood.  I’ll consult my chart, and select from an array of possibilities all designed to please me. Your role will be to do exactly as you are told, and to keep your legs steady in the stirrups.

One other thing…you’ll need to bring cash.  Your HMO won’t cover the things I’ll do to you.

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