Sissy Assignment – Plan Your Feminized Sissy Wedding

I will feminize you & be your wedding planner!

I will feminize you & be your wedding planner!

While some of you yearn to be a true sissy slut,  some of you recoil at that idea. You want to be a beautiful, feminized lady that is wooed and swept off your feet with romance.  And what is more romantic than a perfectly planned sissy wedding?

As May begins to wind down, brides-to-be all across the land are waiting eagerly for June.  And you are no different than them, are you, lovely?  You want to be completely feminized for the fairy tale wedding of your dreams.

First, the Sissy Wedding Dress

Being a good sissy, you will have done everything that we’ve told you to do thus far, and that means that you already have a free Polyvore account.  You are to go there and create a set that illustrates exactly the look that you want for your wedding.  Do you favor the traditional look with a train and a veil?  Or do you like the idea of standing barefoot on a beach, with flowers in your flowing hair?  Express yourself!  This is your special day, and we want to know how you envision it. Then you are to come back here, and leave a comment with your Polyvore user name so that we can see your creation. If you are not following us there, that means you haven’t read everything that we’ve posted, and you will receive demerits for that.

Details, Details

In addition to showing me what you want to look like, I want you to leave a comment that answers the following questions about the way that your perfect bridal day will be.  Do you eagerly embrace this feminization for your sissy wedding, or do I force you to do it?  Do you dream of marrying a handsome man, or do you like to think of me taking your virginity with my strapon?  And finally, you are to share one detail about your wedding that is something that you really long for.  It can be anything from the type of flowers, the flavor of mints, or the size of your groom’s cock.

Whip out those planners, girls.  You’ve got work to do.

~Ms Lily

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