Silky Sissy Skin

Silky Sissy SkinMs Isabelle and I love when our feminized phone sex playthings know how to take direction, and you’ll earn extra credit by following these steps to get silky sissy skin.  As you’ll remember, last week we talked about ways to exfoliate your skin.  Today, our focus will be on hydration.   After all, you want to look your best when we have you tilt your face upward to receive a nice, warm cum facial!

Hydration Tips to Achieve Flawless Silky Sissy Skin

As some of the more astute students might have gathered, your path to silky, feminine skin is awash in plenty of water.  While you are probably familiar with the adage to drink 64 ounces a day, there is really not a one-size-fits all approach.  You need to consider your activity level,  weight, and environment.  Web MD advises to drink half an ounce to an ounce of water for every pound you weigh.  You will note that I said water, not fluids.  So sodas, Starbucks, RedBulls or appletinis do not count.  As a matter of fact, consider yourself banned from drinking those things.  You need to make sacrificies to be a good sissy, and the money is far better spent on Ms Isabelle and I.  Your health and skin will benefit, and so will we.

You will also hydrate in another manner.  No, I am not referring to golden showers.  I am talking about your nutrition.  While moisturizing  from the outside is important…and that will be the topic of our final installment next week…moisturizing from the inside is more important.  This method offers a dual benefit.  Not only will your skin improve, but your waistline will thank you as well. 

That means your diet will be built around foods like avacados, fish, spinach and other darky, leafy greens, eggs, orange and yellow veggies, extra virgin olive oil, nuts, seeds, fruit, and cucumbers.  Let your water do double duty, and infuse it with lemons or limes. 

I love to micro-manage, so I would be delighted to work with you one on one on your diet and all aspect of your feminization.  Face it, you really need me to help pull you into a presentable, feminized package!

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