Forced Feminization Fun

Forced Feminization Fantasies

Forced Feminization Mistress

Forced Feminization Mistress

I know your dirty secret. I can see right through your transparent macho-ism and deep into your mind and soul. You can try to hide from me, but you will not be able to hide the fact that you have a forced feminization fantasy. I have been forcing my boyfriends and lovers into the role of sexy women for many years now.

I can remember even forcing my boyfriends in high school to paint my toenails while wearing my panties. No man has ever been able to hide his dirty secret from me. If you are brave enough to contact me, you should be ready to partake in forced feminization phone sex. I will seduce you like no other woman and take control of your thoughts and your body.

You Are Vulnerable To My Forced Feminization Tactics

As you find yourself growing more and more weak to my temptations you will agree to “just panties,” but when you slip into the satin lady panties you are unable to hide your almost instant hard-on. You will be vulnerable before me as you blush from the embarrassment of enjoying the feel of a woman’s panties covering your sensitive cock and balls.

I will guide you to a mirror so that you can stare at yourself, as I slip around you and slide your arms into beautiful padded satin bra.  As you look at your reflection in the mirror you cannot resist the feminine form that is staring back at you.

You will be lost in the soft purring hum of my voice guiding you deeper into your forced feminization fantasy. Your body will shiver with each brush of my fingertips across your satiny panties, keeping you right on the edge of arousal and desperate to do whatever it takes to receive an orgasm.

 The Point Of No Return

This is the point that you will spiral out of control into the forced feminization fantasy; Allowing me to complete your transformation complete with make-up, a long blonde wig, and a slutty outfit.

You will be just another victim of my forced feminization as I push your limits harder than you have ever imaged, but you will never forget the orgasm that you receive as reward.


Until later…….

Ms. Isabelle

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