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Shake that moneymaker, sissies!

Sissy sluts can have the best hair, makeup, clothes, etc, but one of the most challenging part of being truly feminized for most of you is learning to move your body like a girl. Over this long weekend, I got to see a *fantastic* example of that.  Some friends and I went out to a mixed club for a little fun.  In case you don’t know what I mean by that, it’s a place where everyone from every point on the sexual spectrum is welcome.  Or legal points, that is .

I had an overall great time, but that time was made spectacular by watching a feminized sissyboi dance.  This little honey knew how to dance, and she had every cock in a 10 yard radius focused on her ass as it gyrated in time with the music.  It was obvious that she loved the attention, and that she would be able to milk a cock dry in no time at all with her hip control.  Which is what made me think of a few of you.

Twerking 101

There is a video for nearly everything that a person can imagine, and that is true in this case as well.   So let’s watch, shall we?

I want you to do whatever makes you feel the most feminine, and I want you to watch this video, and practice, practice, practice.  Consider this an assignment, and once you’ve got it down pat, you are to ring in, and give me a cam show while you do it.  I will be the judge of just how well you can move that body.

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