Sissy Gaff Revolutionizes Crossdressing

Introducing The Sissy Gaff

How To Use A Sissy Gaff

Sissy Gaff Revolutionizes Crossdressing

Many sissy boys have a desire to appear more and more feminine as time passes. They find themselves longing to wear tight miniskirts and skin tight jeans. Some find that “tucking” isn’t enough and are excited to find out about the sissy gaff. The sissy gaff revolutionizes the way a sissy boy/crossdresser can dress.

 Tips To Remember When Using A Sissy Gaff

Once you have picked out the perfect sissy gaff and pulled it up to your thighs, you are going to have to tuck your balls back gently to the place they first dropped from and push them up. This should not be painful, and if it is, you are definitely doing something wrong. Next you will tuck your penis between your balls and back. Be sure to hold everything in place neatly.

Tucking can be uncomfortable at first, but overtime it will become much more tolerable. Now you can pull the sissy gaff up and over your hips, letting it hold everything in place nicely and leaving you with a smooth “vagina.”

 Purchasing The Sissy Gaff

One important tip to remember when purchasing a sissy gaff is to make sure that it is nice and tight. The sissy gaff is most effective when it is extra tight. The tightness of the gaff will make you seem extra smooth under even the tightest of jeans.

The sissy gaff should also be tall enough to smooth out your waist so that you can dress up in that hot mini dress you have always been fantasizing about. You want to smooth out your body from the waist down so that you can look more feminine and sexy.

 Tucking Your Cock & Balls In The Sissy Gaff

If you are having trouble with your cock and balls staying tucked in the sissy gaff, you can use some tape to hold them in place. Remember to shave before using tape though! Tape can be useful in training your body to accept tucking and thus can help you when you first start using the sissy gaff.

These are just a few tips to remember when using the sissy gaff and there is so much more for you to learn! The sissy gaff will have you looking extremely feminine and wearing all the clothes that you so desperately want to wear. Need some advice on choosing the perfect sissy gaff? Give Ms Lily or I a call, you know we’d be happy to help with your sissification process.

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