Sissy Fall Fashion

Sissy Fall Fashion

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With Labor Day weekend upon us, it’s time to turn our thoughts to sissy fall fashion.  Fall is a great time of year for sissies and crossdressers.  It allows for extra layering to give the illusion of curves that nature didn’t bless you with, and is more forgiving than summer fashion.  I’ve just come back from snagging a huge haul that I got on vacation, and here are some things you can pick up if you want to feminize yourself in my likeness.

Leggings and Tights – Two Sissy Fall Fashion Musts

Genetic girls are crazy for leggings and tights, and there is a reason for that. They are versatile and oh-so-comfortable!  They come in every imaginable color and texture.  Is your sissy brain addled by trying to figure out the difference between them?  Just remember that tights are like a sister to pantyhose.  They are thinner and more sheer than leggings.  Never wear tights alone, or your otherwise great feminization will be uncovered by your sissy stick being on full display.  Depending on the opacity of the fabric, leggings can be worn as pants.  That said, I do advise that you wear a top, mini-dress, etc, that comes down long enough to cover your ass.  Not everyone can really pull off looking fabulous in leggings and a short top.  It gets more difficult when you have that unsightly sissy bulge in front.

Jewel Tones Are Our Friend

Forget pink. You can come back to it later. Step up your sissy diva fashion game by getting bold. Think emerald green, pumpkin orange, golden leaves, and a crisp blue autumn sky.  Let Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, guide your palette selections.

Be a Pinup Queen – Sweater Time!

Every girl needs one really amazing sweater that clings in just the right places.  Ideally, you’d know your body style, and would pick according to that.  But if you don’t know your body style and you naturally have a smooth chest,  go for a scoop or V neck.  If waxing, etc doesn’t work in your life, then go for something with a higher neckline.  If you want to *really* accentuate the bust-line, go for a turtleneck.

Once you have put together your sissy fall fashion ensemble, it’s time to call in and give me a cam show so that I can enjoy your feminized creativity.

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