Hot To Spot A Crossdresser

Ways To Spot A Crossdresser

Ways To Spot A Crossdresser

Ways To Spot A Crossdresser

There are several ways that one can spot out a crossdresser, some are much more obvious than others. One has to have a careful eye to spot a crossdresser out in public while he is in his male ensemble.

I often notice the little things first. For example, are his eyebrows shaped or does he have shaved legs? Does he frequently apply and wear lip gloss, this could be a tell-tail sign that he is a crossdresser. Is his handwriting soft and frivolous like that of a females?

Sometimes I have even spotted the garter tab pressing against his dress pants as he tried to hide the fact that he was in woman’s  undergarments. Some crossdressers may be be found out by the type of cologne or perfume that he chooses to wear out. These are all subtle signs, but they can help one to find out which men would be into crossdressing.

More Tell-Tail Signs Of A Crossdresser 

Another tell-tail sign of a crossdresser would be to find him shopping for lingerie, but when engaged in small chat he frequently blushes and never once mentions a wife or girlfriend that he is shopping for. If you encounter a crossdresser such as this he may be new, nervous and even a bit humiliated about his new-found fetish.

These are all just a few ways to spot a crossdresser without him actually telling you right out that he enjoys the crossdressing fetish. Each crossdresser is different, unique and some may be much harder to spot than others.

Some crossdressing men work very hard to maintain a macho image during the day, while fullfilling his crossdressing desires each night in private. It takes years of experience to really be able to “spot” a crossdresser from afar. With the right skills, a Mistress will be able to spot a crossdresser anytime, any place, anywhere.  Smile….I may be looking at you!


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