Crossdressing Mate

I Love Having A Crossdressing Mate

I Love Having A Crossdressing Mate

I Love Crossdressing Mates

I know it may be hard to imagine what life is like when you have a mate that is a crossdresser. Many people may even have a hard time understanding that there are some positive aspects to having a crossdressing mate.

I have spent much of my time around crossdressers in a variety of ways from having them as mates to roommates and I have learned much about the advantages. There are many advantages of having a mate that is a crossdresser and I would like to cover just a few of the major perks!

 Advantages To Having Crossdressing Mates

First of all, you and your crossdressing mate will possibly be able to share some clothes, shoes, handbags, and/or accessories! It’s hard to not be excited about having double the inventory when you are getting dressed for that hot date. You also have someone that can help you decide on outfits and to pick out the perfect shoes for an event. Having a crossdressing mate is like having the perfect friend available all the time!

Secondly, your crossdressing mate will be happy to go out for massages, mani’s and pedi’s with you on a whim. While you both get pampered you can gossip about the hottest trends and Hollywood gossip. There is nothing better than having someone there, especially your crossdressing mate. You both have a connection and understanding of one another that makes it easy to talk for hours.

Your crossdressing mate will even be willing to help you do your make-up in the sexiest styles, not to mention the amount of make-up that will be available!  You can also share lipgloss and perfume.

Sharing A Special Connection With A Crossdressing Mate

The last reason I want to touch on is the fact that you and your crossdressing mate will have a very special connection that you will share. Your crossdressing mate will be much more sensitive than your normal mate would be and will be very attentive to your girly needs.

These are just a few of the reasons that having a crossdressing mate is a major perk to your life! Are you a crossdressing mate? Give us a call and share your advantages and perks with Ms Lily or myself and let us know what a great mate you are.


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