A Crossdressing Assignment

A Crossdressing Assignment From Ms Isabelle

A Crossdressing Assignment From Ms Isabelle

This crossdressing assignment will be a three day assignment for those of you that are into the crossdressing fetish. You will have THREE challenges to complete for this crossdressing assignment. Please do each one in order before moving on to the next day/step.

Items that you will need for the crossdressing assignment: panties, bra, thigh highs and garter belt. You will need a pair of high heel shoes. Matching items are the best, if you have them. You will also need a light foundation make-up, blush and lip gloss.


Day ONE: Getting Started With The Crossdressing Assignment

This will be the first day that you experiment with taking your crossdressing fetish from the bedroom to the workplace. You will wake up early and find your perfect pair of panties and slip them on. You are then to apply a light coat of foundation, just enough so that you know but not enough that it will be overly noticed in public. Try Smashbox BB cream, it’s fantastic!

During your lunch break, you are to find a quiet, private place and rub yourself through your panties until you cum inside of your panties. The only alternative to cumming in your panties is to cum in your hand and lick up every last drop of cum.


Day TWO: Upping The Stakes For Your Crossdressing Assignment

When you awake on day two, you will spend your morning in heels getting ready for your day. For this crossdressing assignment you will wear your bra and panties under your normal work clothing. You will apply a light coat of foundation and just enough blush to enhance your natural color, but not enough to be noticed by co-workers to much.

You will likely be distracted by the feeling of your panties and bra under your normal clothing all day. During lunch you will again find a private place to rub yourself through your panties. Cum will only be deposited in your panties or in your hand to be eaten.


Day THREE: Crossdressing Undercover Assignment


Day three’s crossdressing assignment requires you to awake nice and early so that you can spend at least 10 minutes in your high heels as you apply your foundation, blush and lip gloss. You will also make sure to take a good look at yourself in the mirror as you slip on the panties, the bra, the garter belt and thigh highs. You will spin slowly, admiring yourself in the mirror. You are to ignore a stiff cock at this point.

You will spend your day immersed in the feelings of being more feminine than normal. Every movement reminds you of the silky garments that hide beneath your normal daily work clothes, arousing you with each slight brush. At lunch you will masturbate just like you have each day before, but you will not orgasm. You will push yourself to the edge then stop.

You will spend the rest of your day on the verge of arousal. You will be allowed to orgasm once you have gotten home and slowly masturbated for 20 minutes. You will NOT cum till you have masturbated for the entire 20 minutes. You will cum into your panties or into your hand, and it is to be licked up like a good little slut. I do hope you enjoyed your crossdressing assignment.


Until later…..

Ms Isabelle



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