Crossdresser Fantasies

Indulge your crossdresser fantasies with Ms Lily!

Indulge your crossdresser fantasies with Ms Lily!

The weekend is almost upon us, and it’s time to escape into your crossdresser fantasies. To start that off, we are going to set the mood with a mini-feminization assignment.   There are many of you, and each of you have your own life story to work around.  So just do the parts of the assignment that you are able to do, and don’t get caught up in getting the details perfect.  We’ll let you know when that is necessary, but for today’s purposes, you are going to relax, and enjoy your crossdresser fantasies.

Femininization – Surround Yourself in Scent

Though there are tons and tons of really wonderful perfumes on the market, we are going to turn to Mother Earth, and focus on the divinely feminine scent of lavender.  Not only is the scent gloriously girlie, but the tiny blossoms are exquisite, and the color is certainly not going to be confused with anything that reeks of masculinity.

Need To Keep Your Crossdresser Fantasies Discrete?

If you aren’t able to dive into this fully, you can still participate. All you need to do is make one purchase, and carve out 15 minutes of uninterrupted time. You can do it in your car on the way home from work, if necessary.

I want you to stop at your nearest drug store, dollar store, etc.  You are to find a lavender candle, and buy it.  It doesn’t need to be a big one, since you’ll probably want to throw it away, and a votive will do splendidly.  What’s that?  You don’t know what a votive candle is?  Go sit in the corner.  You simply must know these things!  How on earth will you see to decorating and entertaining?

Alright, back on track…as I was saying, you don’t need to purchase a large candle.  But it *must* be lavender scented.

If You Can Explore Your Cross Dresser Fantasies in Private

If nothing in your life prevents it, you are to also buy a lavender scented candle. But you can buy a larger size, and more than one. You can also buy lavender body lotion, and lavender spritz for your sheets. If you have a tub, buy lavender bath salts or lavender bubble bath. If you shower instead, get lavender body wash, and I do want you to get the Ivory brand, if possible.  This is a mini-assignment, not an excursion to Bath & Body Works.

Now, Time to Immerse in Your Crossdresser Fantasies!

Whether you are sitting in your parked car, with your candle held up to your nose or you are shoulder deep in a bubble bath, I want you to close your eyes.  Inhale.  Let the cares of the day slip away, and just relax into that pleasing, feminine scent.  As you inhale, visualize the feminine aura entering your body, and weaving it’s tendrils through you.

When you are feeling loose, I want you to focus on what your most treasured crossdressing fantasy is.  Maybe you’ve experienced it.  Maybe not.  All that matters is that it lives in your mind.  See the details…whatever makes it uniquely yours…and keep inhaling that feminine aroma.

Relax.  Enjoy.  You’ve earned it.

And you want to share it with us.  So pick up the phone, and let us know what your perfect crossdressing fantasy is!

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