Sissy Cocksucking Fun

12 Days Of Sissy Cocksucking Fun

12 Days Of Sissy Cocksucking Fun

The Season For Sissy Cocksucking

Tis the season to be merry and to get kinky. I know that you have a secret sissy cocksucking fetish that you are just dying to try. Now is the perfect time to delve deep into your secret fantasy and let go of all your inhibitions! Join in all the sissy cocksucking fun by playing my 12 days of sissy cocksucking fun.  Enjoy!

I have created the 12 days of sissy cocksucking just for those of you that have this very special fetish.

12 Days Of Sissy Cocksucking Fun

1. Admitting your sissy cocksucking fetish

This means letting go of inhibitions and telling all your dirty secrets to me!

2. Embracing your desires and accepting that you are a cocksucker

On the second day, you will learn to accept yourself for the sissy cocksucking slut that you desire to be. You will find happiness and comfort in these thoughts.

3. Panties, Bras and Stockings

On this the third day of Christmas, you will start to dress more and more like a sissy. This means the perfect slutty panties, bras and stockings.

4. Dressing like a sissy cocksucking slut

By the fourth day, you will be dressed up like the perfect sissy cocksucking elf; Complete with a mini-dress and high heels.

5. Festive sissy make-up

To complete your sissy cocksucking look, you will have a complete makeover to make your hair and make up look at its’ absolute best and sluttiest.

6. Candy Cane sissy cocksucking

On the sixth day of sissy cocksucking training, you will learn to suck cock using a variety of different sized candy canes picked out by me, just for you.

7. Christmas Cum eating

To get you ready to be a really sissy cocksucking slut, you will learn to eat cum! We will start by mixing your cum into flavored drinks and spreading it on your favorite Christmas food!

8. Delightful dildo sissy cocksucking

On the Eighth day, you get to suck your first festive Christmas dildo! You will learn everything you need to know before moving on in your sissy cocksucking training.

9. Strap on training

Now that you have learned to suck a dildo, strap on training will be a breeze as you learn to take a cock deep into your mouth and throat like a good slutty sissy.

10. Group strap on training

On the tenth day of kinky Christmas, you will find excitement and humiliation in sucking a group of my best girlfriend’s strap on. Tis the season to keep all my friends happy after all!

11. Sucking your first cock

You will suck your first real cock during a forced bi phone sex session. This is the what you have been wanting for a long time and on the eleventh day it finally happens!

12. Sucking a group of cocks

On the last day of sissy cocksucking, you will pleasure a group of men by sucking all of their cocks till they are finished with you. You will drink up all of their cum presents a you finish off each and everyone of them!

Happy Holidays litte sissy cocksuckers!

Until later………

Ms Isabelle



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