Fluff a BBC for Me, Sissies!

Fluff that BBC for Ms Lily!

Fluff that BBC for Ms Lily!

Today’s lesson will focus on how to properly fluff the highly-sought-out, thing of  legend that causes sissies everywhere to shudder in pleasure in the depths of their bellies.  Yes, ladies, I am talking about the BBC.




I have plenty of uses for them, as you might well imagine.  However, there is one thing that I am not fond of, and that is cock sucking.  But there is no reason to be, when I have sissy slut cocksuckers to fluff for me.  In fact, there is no shortage of your kind, truth be told.  Sometimes…for fun…I like to create a competitive environment, so that sissy bitches have to admit just how much that they want to be the one that gets the honor of fluffing a cock that is going to plunge into my pussy.  And it is an honor.  Make no mistake about that.

And you want that honor.  I know that you do, even if you can’t admit it to yourself.   If it is necessary, repeat a mantra of “I fluff to serve Ms Lily”.  Of course, you’ll need to do that in your mind, as your mouth will be full of black man meat, and you will not be able to talk.

On Your Knees, Bitch

You are to kneel before the real man with a penis that can satisfy me in ways that yours never could, even if I were to allow you to get that dicklette anywhere near me.  It doesn’t matter the size of your sissy stick…it is the fact that it *is* a sissy stick that means that it is woefully inadequate for the task of pleasing me.

Because you are trying to earn top marks, no use of the hands will be allowed.  In fact, now that I think of it, you are not yet proven stock, so you are not allowed to actually fluff the big black cock either.

You can, however, fluff the big black testicles.  You will suck them, lick them, and run your lips over them until the cock is fully fluffed.

And of course, I’ll comment on it all the while, adding to your humiliation.

Ready to fluff for me?  Give me a ring, and let’s see what you’ve got.

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Dial 855-727-4779 for Ms Lily

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