Are You A Sissy Cocksucker

I Can Spot A Sissy Cocksucker Anywhere

It's So Easy To Pick Out A Sissy Cocksucker!

It’s So Easy To Pick Out A Sissy Cocksucker!

I know that many of you worry that people may know your dirty secret of being a naughty sissy cocksucker. Maybe you even worry that some will know just by looking at you. The truth is that to the naked and untrained eye, you probably seem like a drab, boring individual.

It is likely that more often than not that people will just glance over you, taking very little time to figure you out. Then there are people such as me, a trained and experienced sissy phone sex Mistress and we know what signs to look for. We are able to spot the sissy cocksucker within just a few moments of meeting his acquaintance.

 Subtle Signs Of A Sissy Cocksucker

Sometimes the first signs that give away a sissy cocksucker are subtle and likely to be missed by most. It could be something as simple as the slightly feminine way that you cross your legs, the way you raise your glass gently to your lips, or the way your hands move and gesture.

I can see past your macho mask that you are nothing more than a sissy cocksucker. You lust for a strong sissy phone sex Mistress to control you, guide you and teach you how to be the best sissy cocksucker possible.

 Are You Ready To Be My Sissy Cocksucker

The longer that you and I interact, the more feminine each of your movements will become, your voice will soften into that of a more womanly tone, and you will find yourself even beginning to feel much more like the sissy cocksucker that you have dreamed of being.

The seductive purr of my voice and the knowing look in my eyes will drive you wild as we play an intimate game of tease and denial, pushing you to become my sissy cocksucking phone sex slave. The more I deny your cocksucking needs, the more you will want to do anything I ask, just to please your Mistress.

Now be a good little sissy cocksucker and come over here  and kneel on that lovely velvet pillow on the floor.  I have a nice, big surprise for you and I think you will love it!


Until later my little sissy cocksuckers,

Ms. Isabelle

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