Body Worship Slave

 Are You The Perfect Body Worship Slave I Am Seeking?

Are You A Body Worship Slave?

Are You A Body Worship Slave?

I am in search in the perfect body worship slave. This slave will know exactly how to slowly seduce my body, worshiping my perfect body. If you desire to submit to mistress body worship, you must be ready to worship every inch of my body slowly and methodically.

Let The Body Worship Begin!

You will start at my silk stocking covered feet, kissing and licking them happily as you begin your body worship. Your dick will grow harder and harder as you slowly make your way up to my perfect ankles, calves, and knees.

Your body will shake with excitement as your lips and tongue move closer and closer to the lace holding up my thigh high stockings. You will feel a shock of arousal travel through your entire body as you see a sneak peak up my skirt as you worship my thighs gently.

Once your have reached the lace of my thigh highs, you will be able to slowly roll them down each perfect leg, worshiping each leg as you expose it. After you have finished with my thigh highs, you will use your hands and mouth to work up my thighs, edging closer and closer to my pussy.

This is just a tease though for you have much more body worship to complete before you may engage is pussy worship and ass worship. And… must prove yourself worthy of worshiping my royal pussy and ass. After all, I am a Goddess and I’m very particular who I allow around my “royal parts”.

 Body Worship Is A Privilege That Must Be Earned 

You will pass my perfect pussy, inhaling the fragrance of my sex as you slowly kiss up to my perfect stomach and sides. You diligently use your hands to rub and massage my body as your lips explore every inch of my body during your mistress body worship session.

This is just the beginning of your body worship mission. Your body will be on fire with arousal as you complete the task before you, but your patients and thoroughness will be rewarded if you are the perfect body worship slave. Do you have what it takes to be the perfect body worship slave? Give me a ring, and I’ll let you know if your skills are up to par with my body worship expectations and standards.

Until then……

Ms Isabelle


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